Monday, 3 September 2012

Working 9 to 5.

I apologise for the god awful quality, but I don't have a fancy camera!
1.  Cardigans (Grey & Purple) Primark, £6. // 2. Green skinny jeans. New look, £19.99. // 3. Beige chinos.H&M, £9.99 // 4. Blue chinos. H&M, £9.99 // 5.  Studded shoes! Primark, £8.00. // 6. Jumper Primark, £14.00.  //
7. Lots of socks! Primark, £2.50 for each pack.  // 8. Skirt Primark, £8.00. 

As I mentioned yesterday, I was going on a Primark shopping trip tomomorrow to get a few bits and bobs ready for when I start work tomorrow (Eek! Scary thoughts). Momma Eaver kindly gave me some money to go towards my purchases and I most definitely got some lovely things! I went a bit mad on buynig socks but I couldn't resist, I have a thing about getting socks, and the owl ones are definitely my favourite! (For anyone who doesn't know me, Owls are my favourite animal and I love anything with them on or in.) Tiday has been lovely, went for lunch with my Momma after shopping and I've spent the rest of the day preparing for work tomorrow. Tonight I plan to watch some movies, call Phil and get lots of sleep. Hope you've all had a lovely day!

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