Thursday, 6 September 2012

Update & Meet Phil!

Hi, hey, hello lovelies!

My week has been filled with nervousness & excitement as I ventured into the big adult world and my new job! But so far it's been absolutely brilliant, I'm working with a brilliant bunch of people and the children are absolute darlings! (No word of a lie, 6 year olds are so cute!) I've been helping them to read and solve math problems so far a long with cutting out bits and bobs, learning how to use their super funky laminator and brushing up on my creative skills in making things, I think I'm really going to like it here, I feel as though I do fit in, for a change.

In other news, its a week tomorrow until Phil comes back from Portsmouth for the weekend and I plan to absolutely spoil him rotten when he arrives, he's had a bit of a bad week with being ill and other things, so I think he deserves a little bit of TLC. I'm planning to surprise him with a little goody bag full of stuff that I'm going to send to his navy base to cheer him up and get him through this weekend and next week!

For those of you who don't know, this is the lovely Phil. 
(Isn't he a cutie & a looker, well he is in my eyes!) 

I'll be updating over the weekend, so keep a look at it. Have a lovely Friday! 

Monday, 3 September 2012

Working 9 to 5.

I apologise for the god awful quality, but I don't have a fancy camera!
1.  Cardigans (Grey & Purple) Primark, £6. // 2. Green skinny jeans. New look, £19.99. // 3. Beige chinos.H&M, £9.99 // 4. Blue chinos. H&M, £9.99 // 5.  Studded shoes! Primark, £8.00. // 6. Jumper Primark, £14.00.  //
7. Lots of socks! Primark, £2.50 for each pack.  // 8. Skirt Primark, £8.00. 

As I mentioned yesterday, I was going on a Primark shopping trip tomomorrow to get a few bits and bobs ready for when I start work tomorrow (Eek! Scary thoughts). Momma Eaver kindly gave me some money to go towards my purchases and I most definitely got some lovely things! I went a bit mad on buynig socks but I couldn't resist, I have a thing about getting socks, and the owl ones are definitely my favourite! (For anyone who doesn't know me, Owls are my favourite animal and I love anything with them on or in.) Tiday has been lovely, went for lunch with my Momma after shopping and I've spent the rest of the day preparing for work tomorrow. Tonight I plan to watch some movies, call Phil and get lots of sleep. Hope you've all had a lovely day!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Song of the week!

The Courteeners - Not Nineteen Forever

My boyfriend has been slowly introducing me to some new music over the past two weeks. A lot of the stuff is music I have never listened to and honestly wouldn't think about listening to but after giving a few new bands a try I can definitely say I'm beginning to really enjoy all the music on his iPod, so I plan to steal it & take everything so I can finally have them all.  The Courteeners are one of the bands he introduced me to and I have to say, I love them. And the song I have chosen is definitely now a new favourite of mine! It's fun to sing a long to and you can have a little bit of a jump around and boogie to when getting dressed. (Yes,  I've done it). 

I'll be doing a post like this as well every Sunday so keep checking back to see what song will be my song of the week next week!

New beginnings.

As I have said in previous posts, I start a new job on Tuesday. I am now a teaching assistant at a Primary School just up the road from where I live. I'm gob-smacked I got the job to be honest because of my age and I don't have any teaching assistant experience, but they said they loved my enthusiasm and what they think I can bring to the school as I have mentioned that I want to get involved fully and start up lunch time & after school clubs. (Such a geek, I know!)

I'm incredibly nervous about starting work there, due to the fact that I find it so difficult to make new friends. I'm so awkward around new people and shy, so I won't know what to say or do. My first two days at work are going to be training days so I'm hoping that I'll be able to get to know people there and make friends, I really don't want to be the sad loser who eats lunch on her own in the staff room. (Been there, done that, NEVER again). Hopefully this job will also lead me to many more exciting opportunities as I do have aspirations of one day becoming a Primary School teacher as it has been a dream of mine ever since I was little.

I still also need to buy work appropriate clothes, my last job I was allowed to wear jeans and that's a no-no at schools, so I'm going out with my mum tomorrow to get a few bits and bobs. I have a 'Wishlist' of things I want but whether I'll be able to afford them or not is another thing. (Extremely poor right now is an understatement!)

Are any of you starting a new job/ college or school? Are you worried like me? Do you have any tips for me to not be so shy and make friends? Ha. Let me know, suggestions would be lovely!

My week in photos // 02/09/12

Going to start doing this post every week so you can all see what I get up to in the boring life I lead as a 19 year old with a very poor social life! I've started with only eight photos but I'll probably end up doing more next week due to me forever taking photos of everything. 

1. My bubba! // 2. Onesie has returned for the cold nights ahead. // 3. Funky nails for the footy! // 4. QPR vs. Walsall //
5. Lazy day. // 6. Dad & Daughter photo, (Fave!) // 7. Healthy crispies! // 8. New leggings, thank you American Eagle!

How was your week? Did you do anything exciting or interesting? Or did you just have a lazy week. Comment and let me know! Have a good evening you gorgeous lovelies! 

Apologies and updates.

Hello all my lovelies!

Apologies for being away for so long but I've been spending all my spare time with my boyfriend, Phil who's going back to Portsmouth today for 2 weeks. We have done everything and anything together, I am really falling hard for him, its crazy. But anyway .. moving on! I'm a happy little bunny who is very much looking forward to starting work on Tuesday as a teaching assistant, it's both nervous & exciting going into a place where I know absolutely no one! Tomorrow, I plan to go out with my mum for a bit of a Primark spending spree to get some bits and bobs for work and then I'll spend the rest of the day with my mum, dad & sister before getting ready for work. I'll be posting a few more things later on tonight, so keep a look out!

How's everybody's summer been? I hope they've been brill like mine!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

florida, america 2012.

Apologies for not blogging the last couple of days but I've been busy coming home from holiday and seeing friends etc. Not much has happened since I've been back but I do however have someone special in my life! His name is Phil and he's just lovely. Moving on and back to the reason I'm posting tonight. AMERICA. Like I said in my 'ten day you challenge', I vacation to Florida every year with my family and this year has been no different. I had a lovely time and we did lots of nice things and it was good to get away from everything and be able to relax by the pool for 9 days. I didn't take many photos but the ones below are a few of my personal favourites.

 Forrest Gump's boat

 The only family photo. ( I know, I look yuck!)
 Planet Hollywood!

 Buzz Lightyear & Woody made of Lego.
Snow White & Dopey, made of Lego!

Have you been away anywhere nice this Summer, or do you have any plans to go away? Do you find these Lego creations interest? Comment and let me know!